Welcome to our - ShoeSci 360°Fit process. Fitness, family, friends, and work, are the fundamentals of a balanced life. Let us help, your fitness!

Most of us exercise for the effect it has on our bodies and mind. While each workout makes us feel good, we usually have a bigger goal tucked away. At SHOE SCIENCE we incorporate your goal into our fit process because achievement is critical for motivation and staying on the fitness wagon.

The two things that will de-motivate us are a lack of progress or injury. And we can help with both. We are experts in footwear and knowledgeable in the broader picture.

Inside the Albany store

Your Goal is Our Goal

Our new ShoeSci 360°Fit process goes beyond footwear to include your goals and your training. By viewing the shoe from every angle and the runner/walker from every angle we help achieve aspirations.

Our signature is our 'gem of advice' that accompanies every pair of shoes. We believe the way to progress is to create training variation, followed by strength, and finally technique. Our job is to understand where you want to go and help you get there.

Your Ride is Our Ride

We all have a preferred footwear ride. If your's is speed, we will find fast shoes. If your focus is the journey - let's focus on maximum comfort. And if you are prone to a niggle, let's find a model that protects. We will discuss your preferences.

ShoeSci 360°Fit - Provides Genuine Wins

Reduced Fatigue - by providing 360° balance on the platform. We discard shoe options that cause you to be unbalanced and wobble. If you wobble, your muscles will work harder to stabilize and tire. The aim is for you to feel balanced, secure, and ready to go forward.

Forward Focus - the fastest way to the finish line is forward! So let's find the smoothest heel-to-toe action. 

Comfort Beyond ½ Way - how you feel late in your session, is the comfort you will appreciate.

Least Amount of Shoe - less and lightweight. Does anyone want heavier?

Personal Progress – your shoes come with a 'gem of advice' to take you to the next level. You will buzz when you succeed, and so will we. 


Running and walking are great fitness activities and they are safe. Sure you will experience niggles every now and again, which is part of any physical exercise. We have the advice to help you. No worries.

  • Is there enough variation in your training, or are you traveling the same route over and over?
  • Are you building at around 10% per week? Or are you doing too much too soon?
  • Is your footwear fit for your purpose?

Repetition is the nemesis. So we look for the repetition and help you solve it. 

ShoeSci VideoChat Fitting

We can arrange a ShoeSci VideoChat for you - the next best thing to a store visit. Just email your SHOE SCIENCE and propose a time that works for you.