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GEL Excite Gs 9 Kids Std Q1

Size:     (Shoes in US Sizes)

SKU: 1014A231.003

Key Stats:
Product Cycle: Technical Update
Brand Width: Std
ShoeSci Width: Standard
Defining Feature: Black-white
Colour: French Black Hazard/Green

The GEL-EXCITE™ 9 GS (Grade School) shoe is formed with energized design details. This shoe offers high-quality breathability with fewer layers on the upper to reduce irritation in the forefoot. Meanwhile, the ASICS Stripes on the sides are rendered with a rainbow overlay for an eye-catching look. Lastly, durable properties, like the toe rubber stitching and solid rubber outsole are designed to expand the shoe’s lifespan.

Breathable mesh upper
GEL™ technology cushioning provides good shock absorption
E.V.A cushioning
Solid rubber outsole and toe rubber stitching improve durability

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