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GT 2000 10 Women D S22

Size:     (Shoes in US Sizes)

SKU: 1012B044.402

Key Stats:
Product Cycle: Colour Update
Brand Width: D
ShoeSci Width: Wide
Weight: 235g
Offset: 8mm
Colour: Lake Drive/White

Trusted Stability

Confidence with every step. It is a very reliable 
companion for thousands of runners across the globe.

LiteTruss combines the Dynamic duomax with the traditional TPU Trusstic.
Instead of having two parts glued together, we work with the same
material (duomax) in the same mold.

We have targeted the midfoot and medial side and made this area
denser for increased stability /support during midstance.

G E N D E R  S P E C I F I C  3 D  M I D S O L E  D E S I G N

The 3D Space Construction Technology in the
heel stabilises landing speed and medial frontal forces.
By applying the similar pillar construction in forefoot,
this now allows for a softer, easier forefoot flex feeling when toe-ing off.

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